Exhibition Information

CTEX2019 - The 14th East China PCB/SMT Exhibition

Date:2019/5/15 - 2019/5/17
Venue:Suzhou International Expo Center
Organized by Chan Chao International Co., Ltd.

"International Exhibition of PCB and SMT"
CTEX Expo features a display of all kinds of hardboard, IC carrier board, multilayer board, soft board, soft and hardboard, PCB intelligent automated production equipment and components - circuit board equipment: including dry process/wet process related equipment, circuit board test equipment, SMT production equipment, materials and chemicals, and much more.

Items to be exhibited
PCB, Rigid PCB, IC Substrate, Multi-layer PCB, FPC, Rigid Flex, PCB Test Equipment, PCB Advanced Material Technology, Peripheral Equipment&Components, SMT & Electronic Assembly Equipment&Materials, Environmental and Pollution Treatment Equipment, and more.