Exhibition Information

ITM Polska Poznań 2019

Date:2019/6/4 - 2019/6/7
Venue:Międzynarodowe Targi Poznańskie sp. z o.o. ul. Głogowska 14 60-734 Poznań
Organized by Poznan International Fair Ltd.


ITM Poland – the Polish industry is doing great!
The numbers do not lie! The Innovations-Technologies-Machines Fair, which has again attracted crowds of professional visitors and giants of the Polish and foreign industry, is a huge event addressed to the industrial sector.
Combining what the industry, business and science all have to offer, ITM Poland has again provided its exhibitors with a possibility to present their innovative products. It has also provided visitors with a unique opportunity to get familiar with the latest technological solutions.
This edition of the fair gave a chance to get familiar with the expositions of nearly 1,000 exhibitors and companies representing a total of 27 countries. 12 exhibition halls and the outdoor open spaces totaling 25,000m2 were visited by 17,893 participants throughout the four days. The expositions of the exhibitors who had been awarded with the Gold Medal and who showcased Polish and European premieres turned out to be very important stop points.

What the exhibitors say about ITM
“The fair in Poznań is a very important event which offers a chance to showcase the latest technologies. Clients from all around Europe come in so you just need to be here!” Tadeusz Eckert, CEO of Eckert AS Sp. z o.o
“ITM Poland has featured the foundry engineering sector for 10 years. From our perspective participating in the fair has a big impact upon business activities. Here, companies establish new domestic and foreign contacts,” Tadeusz Franaszek, President of Stowarzyszenie Techniczne Odlewników Polskich [Polish Foundry Technicians Association]
“ITM is the greatest fair in this part of Europe and, therefore, we showcase and will keep showcasing our products here in the years to come. The fair is an indicator of technological development and a venue which attracts world leaders operating in all branches which take advantage of the latest technologies,” Marcin Ejma, Power-Tech.
“ITM is a must-attend in our calendar. Through participation in ITM we have a chance to present new products which are a key for the development of the industry,” Maciej Owczarek, Member of the Board, Commercial Director at Fabryka Obrabiarek Precyzyjnych AVIA S.A. [Precision Machine Tools Fatory “Avia” S.A.]

Industry 4.0 at hand
The notion of Industry 4.0 was hugely reflected during ITM. It was mostly available and most-widely noticeable thanks to a joint exposition of two companies, SIEMENS and KUKA. The supplier of digital components for the industry and the supplier of industrial robots and production automation solutions joined forces to actively create the fourth industrial revolution. Through their exposition and thanks to their experts, the fair participants had opportunities to learn that such things as the Internet of Things and smart machines are about making production processes fully automatic.
Every person who visited the ITM Poland fair felt the wind of change, which clearly indicated the directions for development in order to build up an advantage over competition and become successful.

The content of the fair
This year’s ITM Poland involved countless meetings and talks held in a nice business atmosphere. The fair was also a chance to learn more things during various conferences and seminars. The 14th Engineering Forum on “Reindustrialization as a crucial task for the European Union and its member countries" was one of the most important events during ITM Poland. Stainless Steel Day, organized by the Association of Stainless Steel, managed to gather representatives of the largest Polish and Europeans stainless steel companies. The second day got dominated by the MM Industrial Magazine and the second edition of the Speakers Corner, which was participated in by representatives of leading companies. The lecturers discussed the trends and directions for the development of the industry and its significance for the development of economy. For all those who need to see and try for themselves to believe Skills Testing Ground was a prefect venue to have a go at different varnishing systems. The seminar organized by a team of implementation experts from 4 Results on "how to boost efficiency of a company regarding operation as well as market-related areas" was yet another interesting and inspiring meeting. However, the most emotional and spectacular event of the ITM fair was the first edition of the “Clash of Sanding Machine Operators” in which professionals of the sanding sector tested their skills. All enthusiasts of new technological developments and 3D print were also offered chances to participate in workshops on 3D scanning and 3D measurement processing. At the exposition prepared by Smarttech every participant could find out about the potential of the 3D technology.

We already know we have found a proper form and a proper place for the logistics fair. ITM Poland turned out to be a perfect spot for the dynamically-developing sectors of logistics, storing and transportation to showcase innovative solutions and technological potential of various products. The Innovations-Technologies-Machines Fair, being an elder and more experienced brother of Modernlog, helped to reveal the potential that lies in the co-existence of both the events, especially the international and numerous visitors who were curious to explore the area of the MODERNLOG Fair.
There is no doubt that In4Log was the most important event from the fair's perspective. Organized in cooperation with the Poznań International Fair and Medialog Publishers, the event aimed at demonstrating the potential of the most modern technological solutions. All people visiting the fair and the In4Log Industry zone had a chance to get acquainted with a variety of solutions taken advantage of for logistics processes. The following companies were involved into this project: AG Consult, Baumalog, Elmar, Logis, Logisystem, PROMAG, STILL, Tagatic and TROAX.
The fair also involved a press meeting held by HDF Poland during which the participants tried to answer the question of what Industry 4.0 really is and what it consists of. The discussion involved leading Polish journalists connected with the sector. After an exchange of interesting opinions, all the participants could enter and have a walk around a 3D magazine through Oculus goggles.