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​Inventory of domestic car parts may be out of stock only until the end of March

Inventory of domestic car parts may be out of stock only until the end of March
The pneumonia epidemic in Wuhan has spread. Hubei, China is a major town for the production of auto parts. Parts factories have ceased operations. If the global auto industry is close to the enemy, the majority of Taiwanese auto manufacturers' inventory can only be sustained until the end of March. I am afraid of a "cutout" shock.
Guorui Short-term crisis
Hotay Motors, which represents the TOYOTA and LEXUS brands, said that after the Lunar New Year, the strain system will be activated internally. Not only will inventory be counted weekly, but it will also be in close contact with the component factory and the Japanese original factory at present. The safety stock level has been extended to 3 months, and there is no immediate shortage of materials in the short term.
Due to the uncertainty of the resumption time of the Chinese component factory, the production plan for March is still uncertain, and the pneumonia epidemic in Wuhan, Japan is also very tense. If it affects the TOYOTA manufacturing mother or component factory, it may affect the production and Supply and delivery may be prolonged.
Yuri Car stated that although the self-made rate of Taiwan-made cars is already high, there are more than 30,000 components used in a car. If any part is missing, the car cannot be produced. There are not only one or two components.
Yuri car stock until the end of March
Many parts of Yuri's car models come from China. The hottest car model Nissan Kicks currently has parts inventory only until March 10, and the remaining car parts inventory is about to the end of March. Now it is still tracking. Some car materials are seasoned from suppliers in Japan and Mexico.
Yuri Automobile said that in March, there will be car materials to fill the gap, but whether it can meet the production volume in March, it may not be clear until the Hubei Component Factory resumes work on March 11th. As for imported models, none are in Japan Production at the Kyushu plant is not affected by the suspension of production at the Kyushu plant.
China Car March production plan has been affected
China Motor Corporation was affected by the pneumonia epidemic in Wuhan. The low rate of component suppliers' resumption of work and insufficient supplies has affected the production plan for March, and production lines have begun to shift to respond. Failure to resume work on schedule will affect production capacity.
South Korean Hyundai  Automobile 1 employee infected with Wuhan pneumonia, the production of models of vehicles such as SANTA FE, PALISADE and GENESIS has been reported to have ceased work. Production has begun on Monday and supply is currently okay.